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Genesis #0

Updated: Jan 2

A Cre8tion Story

The Beginning of All Things

I have sat with the idea of telling a story that was both fantastical and wonderous for several years now, having finally formed and established the fictitious firmament. Inspiration started with a scene, a dimly lit bar saturated with cyan and magenta lighting, packed with patrons wyldin' out in slow-mo to a deejay's mix.

Since its inception, I have kicked around multiple ideas, changing the story's concept and title many times, unsure of the direction that I wanted to go and take the audience. Internal pressurized feelings to produce something tangible as a filmmaker after graduating college in 2020 added to urge of wanting to rush the cre8tive process. Consequently, hitting several "brick walls" and receiving instruction from one of my mentors, prompted me to take a step back and sit with my ideas... well those "steps" turned into abounding strides, and "sitting with my ideas" resulted in me chillin' with them. I began to eat, sleep, and "do life" with my stories and characters, thus, cre8ting "Brooklyn Zoo", a first of many worlds and universes.

Various worlds, galaxies, realms, and dimensions; and universes exist between eternities in the XCM... the age of time. An era where safety is a construct devised to stay sane, and a hero ain't nothing but a sandwich. Where opened doors lead to realms and dimensions - some benevolent, others wicked. Cosmos that put man's mind to rest of life beyond planet earth; ancient corridors that usher its travelers to hidden chambers concealed from human sight. Ways known to a select few, who by a powerfully great force are summoned to a far away land. Portals that place in the middle of terrible contest. Planets where men and women of valor are treated less than beasts, and are pursued like prey... man, being able to perceive the thoughts of animals via conversation. The elevation of evil and the frustration of virtue.

What is Brooklyn Zoo?

Brooklyn Zoo is an anthology of sketch stories depicting borough culture and otherworldly occurrences throughout it. Everyone has at some point of their life either experienced the supernatural or has witnessed something that they could not explain or rationalize away. Yanking a handful of pages from bedtime stories, the concepts surrounding Brooklyn Zoo are cautionary and "sweet, tasty morsels"... just ask Nana or abuela. Although set in Brooklyn, the stories will follow narratives and characters to other boroughs.

Every tale has a backstory - here's ours! Come visit Brooklyn Zoo, where it stay poppin', and the stench of wet dog never leaves. Patronize Betty's Lounge, a local dive in North Brooklyn for some home cooking and a good ol' card game. You'll need a stiff drink for the road home after visiting this neighborhood haunt.

Brooklyn Zoo serves as the prologue to a supernatural fantasy series that draws inspiration from MTV's Teen Wolf, Friday the 13th series, and Atlanta, exploring the duality of man - the natural and the supernatural, and the struggle to keep balanced. Follow along the trail of nibblies that are left for you and only walk where The Light shines!

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