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B-Town Rockin #1

Updated: Jan 2

A "Brooklyn Zoo" Sketch Story


Regardless of your race, ethnicity or belief, this story title gunna resonate with those who from Brooklyn, and with those who really bangz wit it! This ain't for "those" who come, eat then leave... Imma leave that right there.

For those unfamiliar wit Brooklyn... don't worry, Imma put ya on! Brooklyn has a certain "feel" and/or mode about it. Known for abundant tang, diverse culture, BOLD exterior artwork, and eclectic music, the Borough of Kings is for sure a potluck of lifestyles, tastes, and experiences.

Other boroughs def have their own vibe and feel... no shade to them, Brooklyn just hit different tho - real quick, shot out to Da Boogie Down, the birthplace of Hip Hop! Fragrances of sofrito, tomato sauce, and jerk are a mere few of the bountiful aromatics emanating from Brooknaw. Nana's cooking, along with her stories teleports mind and body to simpler times... grape Kool-Aid in the back of a fridge adorned with doodles and drawings. Abuela's love goes out before her arroz con gandules y chuletas, served with a great big ol' hug to settle even the most uncertain of hearts; Malta on the side door. Ma Dukes' fried chicken sweeps under the nose soon as you get off a pissed-up elevator. Smells of chicharrón hooks the nostrils while passing the cuchifrito spot on Broadway.

"Music tames the savage beast" (Congreve, 1697). The question is, what beast are you intending to tame? Strollin' through B-Town, 'specially during summer, coupled with its smells, will have you more open than a window in a heatwave; nostalgic and in yo' feelin's. That rhythmic melody dancin' its way to you, now, in ya ear; kickin' that flava. You be ready to scrap and act a fool, or call an ex. Brooklyn is a beautiful place, however, it does have a grimy and gritty side. Watch your way!

Brooklyn Zoo truly is that story and much more! Come and visit the birthplace of "The Notorious One" and see his stompin' grounds. I would say Brooklyn don't bite but that's a bold-face lie... still pop in and kick it wit us! Snacks can be purchased at your corner bodega - you got options! If you would like something more, you can pull up to the 'Crown Fried' on Utica, or hit up Kam Feng on Smith; again... you got options! Whatever you need, we got you... if you need liquor, swing by the spizzot on Hoyt.

Last thing, for your safety and well-being, please monitor the type of colors you wear, avoid prolonged eye contact with strangers, less you bout that life, and yo' knuckle-game strong. Though this ain't the O.K. Corral, when you hear dem guns bustin' - DROP. Funny thing though... the aforementioned warnings pale in comparison to the obscured dangers of Brooknam. Eyes see yet fail to perceive what was just seen. Ghoulish, neon abstracts floating in mid-air. Unknown, inky movements in the night sky, trailed by fire tear asunder the natural mind... and let's not forget the never-ending stench of wet dog. Enjoy your trip!

- Native Brooklynite

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